Erik Geurts is the founder and owner of BV, a company in The Netherlands specializing in the development of internet projects. Starting in 2016, the company is also investing in sustainable energy and transportation initiatives.

Platform IQWe would like to introduce a new name and logo for one of our companies: Platform IQ.

Starting today, all services and products focusing on ad server and ad serving technology, e-mail marketing technology, landing page and WordPress hosting, will be offered from a new brand.

Platform IQ is the successor of the company I founded in late 2007, Nowadays, we offer a number of services and products that form a strong foundation for the business of our customers, hence the word Platform. We do this with smart software, servers, people and smart customers, hence the extension IQ.

This new name also expresses that the company has stopped being about just one person a long time ago. What counts is the service to our customers, for which we’ve built a specialized and dedicated team.